Hey there, I’m Partical

Creative Technologist ⊹ Interactive Researcher
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Partical is a Creative Technologist ⊹ Interactive Researcher based in Taipei, Taiwan.
Enjoy interactive design & combining different materials to be a new experience.
Founder of Luxmin.
Ex-Content Technical Director at Shadow Monster.
Feel free to contact me about freelance projects or any kind collaborations.

Contact Info:


Social Media:

Instagram: partical.txrx
Youtube: partical

Professional Qualifications:

Creative Technologist ⊹ Interactive Researcher
Live A/V ⊹ VJ ⊹ DJ
Interactive Design, Creative Developing, Projection Mapping
Media & Hardware Installation
Project Management

Featured Performances, Awards:

2023/04 | New headquarters picture book-themed immersive interactive works for Child Welfare League Foundation → Taipei, Taiwan
2023/11 | Luxmin’s first public exhibition “Alive Artworks” → Taipei, Taiwan
2023/11 | “Monster Lab - Catch” for Shadow Monster → Taipei, Taiwan
2023/11 | “Monster Lab - Manufacture” for Shadow Monster → Taipei, Taiwan
2023/11 | “Monster Lab - Retrieve” for Shadow Monster → Taipei, Taiwan
2023/06 | “Bambi Shooting Box” for BAMBI LAND → Yilan, Taiwan
2023/04 | “Bambi Interactive Window” for BAMBI LAND → Yilan, Taiwan
2022/11 | “You are little Monsters” for Shadow Monster → Taipei, Taiwan
2022/11 | “Trophy Wall” for Shadow Monster → Taipei, Taiwan
2022/10 | Merit Award of 2nd Cultural Technology Hackathon → Taipei, Taiwan
2022/08 | Luxmin’s first business case “Fantasy Scene Wall” invited from Pinway in The Pier-2 Art Center → Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2022/03 | Luxmin’s project “Dinosaur Game” achieved over 3000 visits in 9 days → Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2020/09 | Founding of Luxmin

Tools I used:

TouchDesigner, Madmapper, TouchOSC
Resolume Arena, Ableton Live
Ossia Score, Notch,
Godot, Da Vinci Resolve, Blender, Cavalry, HeavyM, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine 5
Novation LaunchPad Pro MKII, Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A49, Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MKIII DJ, Roli Lumi
Leap Motion, Azure Kinect DK, Kinect 2.0, Stereolabs Zed 2i
Hokuyo LiDar, Slamtec RPLIDAR A1
Geobox M802Ex
Arduino, ESP32
DMX Decoder
Ventuz, Chataigne, Max for Live, Tooll3